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Conversation is the New Advertising

Recognize & Reward your Twitter fans. Be part of the conversation.

In the social media era, word of mouth has become an even more powerful and useful resource for consumers and marketers. There are many solutions in the market for Friendship-based word-of-mouth marketing (on Facebook). There are, however, few solutions for Interest-based word-of-mouth marketing (on Twitter).

our business solution, Embedle Plugin, is designed to unleash the power of Interest-based word-of-mouth marketing.
When a website installs Embedle Plugin (such as this website), tweet converstations will be brought into its webpages automatically.

We believe you need to give people reasons to join your conversation, and the three key reasons are: easy, rewarding and fun. In the following we explain how Embedle Plugin makes it easy, rewarding and fun for people to join the conversation.

Make It Easy

First and foremost, make it easy for people to start or join your conversation. When your website installs Embedle Plugin, a "mini Twitter" will be automatically displayed inside your webpages.

People can easily see the tweet conversations about the webpage they are viewing. They can join the conversation without leaving the webpage. With just one click, they can reply, retweet, add favorite, or start a new conversation right in-place.

If a reader is brought to the webpage by clicking a link in a tweet, that tweet and its whole conversation will be displayed first (as anchor) in the mini Twitter box.

Make It Rewarding

Embedle Plugin will track and display your top and loyal Twitter fans. Each fan will earn points by joining conversations or campaigns (such as contests, polls, sweepstakes and coupons).

You can show your appreciation by rewarding your top and loyal fans with gifts, perks or offers.

The points are based more on quality than quantity of participation.

Make It Fun

Embedle Plugin allows you to easily setup campaigns, such as contests, polls, sweepstakes and coupons.

Your fans compete with each other for fun and reward. At the same time, they share your campaigns to all of their Twitter followers, so more people become aware of your campaigns, and more importantly, become fans of your brand, business or blog.

Learn More

Interested in taking a closer look at Embedle or ready to try it for Free? We'd love to hear from you and help you get set up (installing Embedle Plugin is easy and only take a minute).

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